Deep Underground Military Bases – Part 1 – Denver International Airport

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

John Adams

The fact that the U.S. Government has secret installations around the country is not a secret at all. The locations and purposes of these installations are another story completely. I understand the reason that they should remain secret, but sometimes word gets out about the location of one of these bases, and the military’s continuing denial of their existence makes them a prime target for conspiracy theories.

The most notable example of this is the Secret Airfield near Groom Lake, Nevada, better known as Area 51. Very little is known about what goes on there, but rumors tell of everything from the testing of experimental aircraft to the housing of extraterrestrial bodies. In fact, the government wouldn’t even admit that there was a base there until photos of it were captured by Skylab in 1974. Now the military does admit there is a base there, but that’s about all they’ll say on the subject.

There are a lot of reports in recent years about secret military facilities located beneath the ground. These Deep Underground Military Bases (Or “D.U.M.B.s”) are allegedly strewn all over the western U.S. and are all interconnected via a subway or shuttle system. If this is true, a person (Most likely either The President of the United States or a high ranking military official) could travel from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean entirely underground. These bases are in almost every state west of the Mississippi. The most well-known of these D.U.M.B.s is located directly beneath the Denver International Airport.

The airport was built in 1995 on 34,000 acres of land. Its construction forced the Stapleton International airport to shut down, although it used more gates and runways than the D.I.A. does now. The initial cost of construction was 1.7 billion dollars but the final project elevated the bill to 4.8 billion dollars. Numerous irregularities have been reported regarding the construction of the site:

  • Different contractors have been hired for different parts of the airport. They’ve all been fired after their job was done. This lead observers to believe that it was a strategy to make sure nobody had the full scope of the project.
  • 110 million cubic yards of earth have been moved, way more than usually required. This arose suspicion of construction taking place underground.
  • 5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison).
  • Fueling system that can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute through a 28-mile network of pipes. There are six fuel hold tanks that each hold 2.73 million gallons of jet fuel. This amount is totally absurd for a commercial airport. This is somewhere in the “no one will ever ever need this much” range.

The inside of the airport is full of strange and somewhat disturbing imagery. One of the first things visitors see when approaching the airport is this statue of a horse with protruding veins and red eyes. It reminds me of the “pale horse” that Death is supposed to ride.

Then there’s the strange murals inside the airport.

Including pictures of dead women and children

All of these factors lead some people to believe that the airport and the base beneath it are intended to be used as an “ark” in case of a major catastrophe or “E.L.E.”. To support this claim, some point to the recent “Continuity of Government” drill that took place there, which included President Obama, members of NASA, and other VIPs.

Once again, I invite you all to do your own research and form your own ideas about the relative truth in this and all future posts. Part 2 of my look at D.U.M.B.s is coming soon!


18 responses to “Deep Underground Military Bases – Part 1 – Denver International Airport

  1. How about this: NASA has downplayed recently the solar maximum of 2012-13. However, according the the book The Mayan Prophecies the sun plays a central role in the coming 2012 event which seems to have a connection with the upcoming solar maximum.
    Our society depends on electricity and electronics. If an electro magnetic pulse wipes out our electrical and electronic grid then it would stop our society in its tracks. Perhaps NASA, and FEMA know more than they are telling us thus the underground facilities. I think thses facilities were not built in anticipation of a nuclear strike but rather a natural event which will strike in 2012 and the origin will be solar in nature and catastrophic.

  2. I have looked into the DUMB project while researching a novel and I am convinced that they exist. The Denver facility is most interesting.
    I am also convinced that certain people have special “passports”. Some know what the passports are for, others were issued the passports with key instructions to follow in case of a disaster. Access points to DUMB are throughout the US. Deep boring drilling machines have created underground cities with everything one would need to survive.
    Joe and Jane Sixpack won’t have passports. They will have to fend for themselves above ground. Joe and Jane Sixpack are not part of elect few, scientists, select artists, and many others.
    The extensive array and sophistication of DUMB sites make me think that the Governments (and there are DUMB sites in other countries as well) fear something other than a man made catastrophe. The fear something they just cannot control nor stop.
    The painting above with the soldier and the sword is telling. Above in the sky is a rainbow. Recently, we have had more northern lights appear at southern locations. Reports of such has been in the news. The navigational system of many animals have gone haywire also this year. There are many reports of animals and birds which have strayed thousands of miles off course. The rainbow to me represents the effects of the sun on the upper atmosphere. To me, all of this deep underground protection is directly related to an event which the Mayans have predicted in 2012 and which is solar in nature as the book The Mayan Prophecies discusses. We are entering the solar maximum at this point which will grow stronger into 2012. As I stated above, our society relies totally on electricity and electronics. Cars, trains, trucks have now electronic components which enable the vehicle to start. Without, vehicles won’t start. An electro magnetic pulse would wipe out that fragile infrastructure causing our society to grind to a halt.
    So the DUMB sites were constructed for an event not man made. That I am totally convinced.

  3. The depth of these DUMB sites support my thesis that what the governments fear is something they cannot control or influence.
    Protection against a thermonuclear strike would nor require this kind of depth. The critical aspect of these DUMB sites is shielding.
    Having the bases very deep hardens all electrical and electronic components in these sites. Electricity would be supplied by several nuclear reactors also located deep underground and cooled by underground water. Hardening against an electro magnetic pulse/storm from the sun would be critical.
    Several years ago there was a leak by one of the workers who worked at one of these sites. The site was described as a city complete with everything one would find in one. Mentioned was the deep boring machines used to construct it. As this site mentions, there is a train connection between all the sites. The scope points to a disaster other than man made.
    Yet, as big as the project is only selected people will be allowed into it. Denver is a hub to include a processing center; the hardened underground buildings are clearing points and provide access to the DUMB sites. Several other hubs exist. Without a passport entry will be denied.
    My take on the recent NASA downplaying of the solar maximum is very simple: talk it down, ridicule, deny, disinform. What the governments don’t want is awareness from the unselected. The last thing Governments want is a storming of these access points by the unselected, sacificed Joes and Janes Sixpacks. Not going to happen. So any of what is written here will be ridiculed by those in the know and if any proof surfaces it will be ruthlessly crushed and destroyed followed by ridicule.
    All I can say to the Joes and Janes like me: prepare. Dry goods, etc., Prepare, prepare, prepare because don’t expect any help from the Government. That you can take to the bank.


    In the above link, it shows the complete picture in which the two girls above in this link are represented. In that picture, there is a Mayan child holding a stone plaque which has a symbolic meaning of the Mayan prophecies of 2012.
    This, and my observation of the rainbows in the sky further narrows the reason for Denver and the DUMB sites. What makes me wonder is what the US Government, NASA and FEMA really know about the upcoming solar maximum. If you tie together the 2012 Mayan prophecy, and its solar connection as described in the book The Mayan Prophecies and the solar maximum ramping up AND the Denver Airport AND the DUMB sites one gets an uncomfortable feeling that some entities know a lot more than the general population and that’s how the entities want it to be.
    So what do we do with our suspicions? What do we do with the Relative Truth’s discussion on the Denver Airport and DUMB sites? How do we want the outcome to be?
    Personally, I would want exposure, proof, public scrutiny and transparency to include public protests and eventual invasion of those sites by the Joes and Janes. Why? It won’t change what will happen in the sun. However, what bothers me is the elitist attitude of a select few who feel entitled to have a rabbit hole to bolt into if the kitchen gets too hot. That’s what bothers me, that an elect few feels superior to anyone below them making them special versus sticking with the Joes and Janes on an equal footing and attempt to solve the problem for all equally.
    So the more we learn from these sites the better off we all will be relating to transparency. It might take action, like the Wall Street movement. Numbers are powerful and the people will prevail.

  5. In the link above, Sinister Sites, the sun is represented as symbols on the floor in the Denver Airport. Again, the sun is represented in symbolic terms pointing to a solar event which makes the DUMB sites plausible seeing that all electrical and electronic infrastructure on the surface will be wiped out. Without those two things our civilization cannot function. From transportation to water to manufacturing, our civilization would come to a halt for years.

  6. Contrary to what Sinister Sites states, I believe that the murals are loaded with coded information. Some information may be targeted to some, other codes for others. The sun symbols on the floor, the rainbows in the sky on the murals, the Mayan girl with the glyph-all point to something relating to the sun in 2012.
    The sun is in fact ramping up right now after a deep slumber. What makes this awakening different is our position in space.
    The DUMB sites were started in the 50s and continued till present. It seems to be a huge, costly gigantic undertaking. It begs to ask for what purpose.

    • Have you seen the lecture by Phil Schneider in Colorado right before his death? He says the DUMB sites are all connected by tunnels. It would make sense since the huge bore machines would be able to do this. Very informative video. I don’t know if what this man says is the truth but it sure takes me out of my comfort zone.


    The suspected alien contact with President Eisenhower may have, among many things, revealed a future solar event affecting earth. The date would have been the same Mayan time period.
    What is interesting is that underground projects went full bore (pun!) soon after that suspected meeting until today.
    I have suspected not only that the Roswell crash was alien in nature but also that the US Government had an actual first contact. That I develop in my finished novel which I hope to get published early 2012.
    The DUMB sites are a mile or more underground well beyond a reasonable depth needed for a thermonuclear attack. As I stated above, shielding seems to be the most important, shielding against an EMP, and electromagnetic pulse.
    I believe that the government knows what’s coming down-and will do everything in its power to keep it totally quiet. I suspect a dis-information campaign by the government during the first half of 2012 by NASA and FEMA. This dis-information campaign will play down the solar maximum and will ridicule any suggestion that it will affect the earth in a major way. At the same time, look for increased military traffic possible disguised to all DUMB site access points during early 2012. The Denver hub would be very interesting to observe relating to vehicular traffic such as an increase in trucks, military presence of any type, and military surveillance vehicles. It would require 24/7 surveillance with an emphasis of alertness during the periods of 1AM to 5AM. Observation of military transport planes as well to include numbers over time. This would require very long range binos and secure observation points at various locations.
    If you want the truth then you must be willing to expend the time and ressources to do the research.

  8. I’ve been familiar with Phil Schneider’s material but there is one thing he stated which I think is important.
    As the solar event approaches, watch, as I said above, increase vehicular and military traffic at DUMB access points. Watch for more dis-information. But also watch for the following:
    “Agents Provocateurs”, those seeking the truth, watchers, communicators vanishing overnight never to be seen again. Hint Hint: they will not be brought to DUMB sites. They will be around one day gone the next and no one will know where they went.
    Phil talked about a huge number of train cars specially built to transport people. That info is on his site. As the solar event approaches, these Agent Provocateurs will be removed from circulation. Why? Because the governments will want to keep the general population dumb (another pun!). They will want the general population to continue their daily routine until zero hour, totally ignorant about what is reallly going on. Thus, anyone causing alarm will be quietly removed never to be seen again.
    Fiction? Aww, they can’t do that! It’s against human rights! I have Constitutional rights!
    Think again. If the DUMB sites are built to house select individuals to include continuence of the US Government (underground) NOTHING will prevent the elect access to those sites; NOTHING will prevent continuence of government. NOTHING will prevent wealth to be brought underground. The metric is that some will be saved the rest sacrificed, to fend for themselves, your Joes and Janes. Thus anyone seen as a threat to that mission will be removed quietly and permanently.
    So if you research in the field do so in a very stealthy way. Communicate findings by leaving bundles of information a key locations, secretly. Keep your printing locations secret. Communicate by using covert means. Research, analyze, report, dissiminate covertly.


    As I said earlier, it has started. The dis-information is starting. Be happy; don’t worry.
    Meanwhile the drilling and boring is continuing underground.
    You will see a lot more articles like that from NASA and FEMA this year. If they don’t convince, ridicule and other means will be used. The governments will not allow any information to leak out. Too much is at stake for the elect.

  10. Some thoughts:
    This underground project, the construction of the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) and their associated linking tunnels (to include the Springfield/Carthage Missouri supply hub to which goods are delivered to be delivered underground to the various bases) must have cost hundreds of trillions of dollars since the project started over 60 years ago.
    The funding I understand came from deep black projects; one suggestion was from money created from drugs which lines up nicely with CIAs role in South East Asia, Central America and now Afghanistan.
    Regardless, though, from where the money came from, this project was and still is immensely expensive. So my thoughts about the political theater in Washington D.C about the national debt, the budget, slashing the budget, the economy, etc, etc, etc,.
    The national debt, considering the DUMB site expenditures could be paid off in ONE month.
    So why the political theater?
    All of it, the infighting between Democrats and the Republicans, the coming elections, the inability of Congress to agree, all of it is political theater, a distraction to keep the public glued to their TVs AWAY from what’s really going on underground and AWAY from what will happen to the sun. It’s all a charade, theater, distraction from what’s really going on-keep the people’s minds busy with BS while real preparations are going on for the elect few, the elite.
    Speaking of which: I would venture that the evacuation to the DUMB sites will be phased every 2-3 months-least visible passport holders will vanish, the leadership will be last, the very last to vanish underground.
    Carthage and Springfield Missouri-places to check out. Those are major supply hubs and access points to the underworld cities. I would say those areas are the places to watch very closely during the next several months-I would say there will be an increase of traffic in those areas, Carthage, Springfield, Lebanon, St Louis all along 44, St Louis to Tulsa, with Carthage and Springfield as major supply hubs.

  11. One reason the whole DUMB project was kept secret for so long from the American People is the massive cost to build such a project.
    I can see how the American People would be extremely angry with our government which states how we need to slash the budget, slash programs; that we have a runaway national debt and that the economy is going into a tailspin.
    Yet, massive amounts of money was poured underground into a project the majority of Americans will neither ever see and use. None of it will be of any benefit to the majority of the American People.
    So one of the major reasons to keep the lid on this and debunk, belittle, ridicule anyone stating that these underground cities exist is to keep this embarrasing project away from the public eye. It’s not for the public to know because it’s not for the public, the people. Yet the people are told how bad our economy is.
    Knowledge of the scope of this project over many years would just infuriate the general public.
    That’s just one facet. Other facets as to why it was built would also anger people seeing that the true reason for these cities was one, continuation of government which I can buy but two, a place to the select few, the elite, those who are worthy of saving.

  12. I would like to add something relating to the swastika.
    As you know, swastikas are found on canyon walls in the South West USA. The Whirling Logs Navajo symbol is another representation of the swastika.
    Many comments have been made relating to the swastika and aerial views of the Denver Airport configuration. The so called “Nazi” soldier in one of the murals is another indirect symbol to the swastika.
    If you look at how solar winds look like: they look like a swastika. In The Mayan Prophecies by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, page 238 hard cover appendix 2b there is a beautiful diagram in figure A18; it is a depiction of a solar wind and it looks like a swastika.
    Were the swastikas in the South West US and in Tibet a warning of a future massive solar storm? Is the swastika symbol of the Denver airport by design, a symbol of a massive solar event, making the Denver Airport a major portal to the DUMB sites?
    Is the swastika symbol at the Denver Airport a coded symbol to those in the know?
    I think so.

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